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Davtech has been the proud “Exclusive” Canadian distributor of Decatur radar products since 2002, currently representing the following Decatur radar products:

  • Police Traffic Radar –In-Car and Handheld
  • Radar Speed Trailers, Signs and Dollies
  • Water Surface Velocity (SVR) Radar
  • Special Application Radar such as Train Yards

Decatur Electronics designs, manufacturer’s and markets the finest speed measurement products and traffic safety equipment in the world. Their radar products are used in law enforcement, municipal, sports, industrial/OEM and scientific applications. Bryce K. Brown of Decatur Electronics was the inventor of traffic radar, creating the first unit in the mid 1950s.

Today, Decatur Electronics is part of the D&K Engineering family, having its products sold worldwide through an international distribution network. D & K Engineering has been involved in 700+ product realization journeys from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Its employees have been involved in over 500 patent originations.

There is an old saying that goes,” the sum of the parts is greater than the individual pieces”, and that happened in 2018 when Decatur Electronics and D&K Engineering merged to form a powerful alliance that will keep Decatur products are the fore of each market over the long-term.

Count on Davtech to meet your traffic radar needs!

Contact your local Davtech Representative to learn more about Decatur radar products.

The Scout Handheld Radar

The SCOUT 2 offers the largest LCD white on black display in the market. “Over & Under” Speed display, will simultaneously show Fast and Strong speed targets.

The Scout 2 is a rechargeable battery operated handheld radar with a beautiful high-resolution display. The unit provides officer friendly features that includes a display that is compatible with polarized sunglasses, up to 7 days usage on a single charge, USB charging that can be in car or
at the station. The unit provides the best usability with its intuitive interface and ergonomic packaging.

The SCOUT 2 embodies all the features you want and nothing you don’t. Its a k-band directional handheld radar, backed by Decatur’s 65 year reliability and simplicity. It weighs about a pound and includes the largest LCD display in the market for outstanding readability with intuitive “over and under” white on black target speed display.

  • Directional target acquisition (towards/away & both – direction sensing)
  • Intuitive “over & under” speed display, fast/strong displayed simultaneously
  • Large 2.8” white on black LCD Display with auto dimmable capabilities
  • Faster target or Strongest Signal mode
  • Display compatible with Polarized sunglasses
  • 3 Year Full Warranty longest warranty in the market!
  • Lock target speed for easier traffic violation handling
  • Customizable automatic power off – longer battery life!
  • 7 days of usage in between charges – estimated for regular law enforcement usage
  • Charge indicator – low battery alert to secure your radar is always operational
  • USB charging port
  • Skid resistant enclosure

Scout 2 Brochure and Specs

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G3 Advanced Police Traffic Radar

The G3™, the latest generation of the Genesis Radar family, offering modern traffic radar features such as Ka band directional antenna, 32-bit floating point digital signal processing (DSP), a versatile detachable computer/display unit, and an easy to use Infrared (IR) remote control.

The G3™ provides instant target acquisition and speed lock as well as more precise tracking and speed measurement. If space in your vehicle is at a premium, you will appreciate the detachable computer/display unit.

There are hundreds of sworn law enforcement officers across United States and Canada already utilizing this compact and light police radar, packed with features you need and expect. The G3 embodies the best of the widely accepted Genesis G2 radar system and adds refinements in the technology, packaging, reliability, ease of use and cost to maximize government’s investment in systems for traffic enforcement.

Versatile Police Radar System:

  • State-of-the-art digital police radar system utilizing 32-bit floating point DSP processing
  • Ka directional with truly outstanding performance
  • Compact size smaller, lighter without compromising usability
  • Easy to read alpha numeric amber displays – best readability in the industry.
  • Operational compatibility with the G2 – no retraining required
  • Highest quality with lowest cost
  • All black design for stealthy installs
  • Right sized wireless hand remote with magnetic mount
  • Detachable front display, capable of remote mounting
  • Features you need and expect in your workhorse radar system at a price that will delight
  • Directional target, same target, and same direction processing modes are all standard
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Best life cycle costs due to reliability and low cost wear components
  • COPS interface
  • Easy Mounting
  • CAN/VSS – Auto switching using optional VIP


Various Unit and Antenna Mount Options Available
G3 Moving Radar Brochure

G3 Tech Specs Sheet


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The Railmaster

The Railmaster – Speed Measurement Radar for Railroads, Construction Vehicles and Forklifts

The Railmaster is designed specifically for applications where vehicles move at speeds slower than normal traffic radar is designed to register. It is typically used to measure the speed of trains, construction vehicles and forklifts. The Railmaster takes advantage of Decatur’s 50 year history of success engineering rugged radars to provide railroad safety agents the tools they need to protect their environment. High- and low- speed ranges (with extended accuracy) make the Railmaster the perfect tool for both the hump yard and the open track. Mount it on a tripod or pole, or take advantage of its ergonomic grip.

Railroad Radar Features

  • 2 speed range settings for high and low speed measurement
  • Extremely durable, proven construction
    3-digit, backlit LCD display
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Rechargeable AA batteries
  • Choose MPH or KPH display
  • FCC Part 15 (no license required)
  • 2 year parts and workmanship warranty

Speed Ranges

  • Low speed range
  • 1.0 – 75.0 MPH in tenths (2.0 to 122.0 in km/h)
  • 10 – 210 MPH in whole numbers (20 – 337 in km/h)

Railmaster Brochure

RailMaster Tech Specs 2021

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