Remote Area Lighting

The RALS product range starts with the compact single head 9430 that fits easily into confined hard to reach spaces, and extends to the four head 9470 which is capable turning
night into day. All units employ a silent, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery freeing you to work anywhere on or off the grid.

Key benefits of RALS products are:

  • Completely self contained and portable
  • Limited storage space required
  • Set up and dismantle in minutes
  • No generator required….NO FUMES, NO NOISE
  • Variable light settings (High and Low beam)
  • Adjustable lamp head height and direction to control illuminated area
  • Lifetime Warranty, built Pelican tough

All RALS products are designed with LED technology to provide a better quality of light, with high reliability and low energy consumption. The result is an energy efficient lighting solution with low long term operating and maintenance costs.

To review the complete array of Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) products please click on the Product Line Brochure link below:

Pelican RALS Product Line Brochure

Contact your local DAVTECH Representative to identify the Pelican RALS best suited to your needs!

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