ReaperHD Mobile LPR Camera System

Motorola Solutions ReaperHD is a low-profile, compact, ANPR/ALPR camera for use in mobile applications. The high definition resolution allows for multiple lane capture in most environments. The ReaperHD is environmentally sound, feature rich, and easy to deploy.

Key Features

  • Single cable Power-over-Ethernet installation
  • Low-profile, compact, dual-lens (infrared and colour) high definition
  • Outdoor rated IP67, NEMA4
  • Full-featured and well-documented API
  • Color / IR OCR
  • Enhanced Night Overview Images
  • Hight Speed Image Processing

ReaperHD Cameras are available in five (5) different lens sizes. Each lens size has a unique optimal focal length and range to meet your specific scanning application(s)

Up to four (4) cameras can be installed on a single vehicle with a variety of
mounting options available.

ReaperHDMobile Camera Brochure

L5M Mobile LPR System Data Sheet

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