NOSA Odor Inhibitor Nose Plugs – Box of 100



NOSA Plugs provide discreet protection and neutralizes bad odors without affecting your breathing capacity. Odor has as much of an effect on a person as the temperature, ventilation, and noise around them. For our law enforcement, crime scene investigators, medical personal, EMS, and first responders who often arrive on scenes to unpleasant odors, NOSA Plugs are a must-have.

Available in packs of 7 or 100.

Unique Design

  • Reduces bad odor
  • Is easy to breathe through
  • Is discreet and comfortable
  • Widens the nostrils
  • Fresh menthol fragrance
  • Years of product development resulted in a patented design

    • NOSA plugs are single-use only and can be used up to 8 hours per day.
    • The plugs are made of medical grade plastic and menthol. They are PVC-, phthalates-, and latex-free.
    • NOSA plugs are not medical devices or drugs and do not require a prescription.
    • In the sealed package, the plugs are rated to be effective for 24 months.
    • Not intended for use by children under the age of 12.