Mystaire Latitude Fentanyl Series C – Ductless Hood

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Available in 48″ (MY-LFH48) or 72″ (MY-LFH72)

Illegal use of fentanyl and its analogues has contributed to more than 5,000 overdose deaths in North America since 2013.  It takes only 2 to 3 milligrams of fentanyl to induce respiratory depression, arrest, and possibly deathLaw enforcement personnel have been discouraged from conducting field testing where the presence of fentanyl is suspected.  Rather, it is recommended that the testing of evidence be conducted in crime labs which offer sufficient operator protection.  

The Mystaire Latitude Fentanyl Series C Ductless Hood provides the ideal solution for crime labs handling potentially dangerous substances.

The Latitude is an enclosure capable of mitigating the risks associated with fentanyl contamination.  Both negative air-pressure and effective filtration of chemical vapors provide superior operator protection from the potentially harmful effects of particulate such as fentanyl.  The enclosure’s horizontal airflow pattern pulls particulate away from the operator and through the dual-layer HEPA filtration, allowing for effective capture of even the finest powders.

Users enjoy the added benefits of thermally-fused, solid polypropylene construction. Hand-crafted in the USA, this unique construction material is virtually chemically inert, and will not break down or rust over time. Thermally fused corners minimize potential for powder build-up in hard-to-reach areas, allowing for complete, effective cleaning of the work surface.

Mystaire Latitude Fentanyl Filtered Hoods are equipped with the innovative EVERSAFE Safety Controller.  The EVERSAFE provides simple, precise operation of the hood.  Most importantly, the EVERSAFE maintains a high level of operator protection at all times, constantly monitoring airflow rate and filter effectiveness.  This product provides superior protection for fentanyl testing, combining Mystaire’s Saf-T-Zone technology with the chemical fume containment capabilities of a ductless fume hood.

Price includes HEPA filters, prefilters, blue base, trash bag port, and two power access ports.