In-Car Video

Getac Video Solutions –an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION

Getac Video Solutions offers technologically advanced in-car video solutions that are customizable to meet your needs in the short-term, while being easily scalable to meet your evolving needs over the long-term.

With a variety of cameras available, you will capture crisp video evidence in daytime or darkest nighttime conditions. The system can be coupled with their BC-02 or BC-03 Body Worn Cameras to also capture video / audio evidence outside of the vehicle.

Video can be watched or reviewed over a 5” touch screen inside the vehicle, and can be livestreamed to your command centre for real-time video and mapping as events unfold. The VR-X20 Edge Processor drives the entire system and is extendible.

Recordings can be manually initiated or can be automatically initiated via a variety of triggers (ie: brakes, collision sensor, light bar activation, and much more.

Getac Enterprise back-end software establishes user privileges, video retention and upload criteria to satisfy your agency or provincial / federal requirements. This advanced software allows for a variety of analytics, in addition to video editing features, and details a complete chain of command history for each video file.

Video storage can be Self-Hosted, Cloud based, or a Hybrid of the two.

Getac’s powerful platform and broad product base (Rugged Laptops and MDTs) can easily incorporate all of your system operations into one via their Mobile Edge solution to reduce vehicle clutter.

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