Ceramic Fingerprint Pad – Small Round Pad

1.375″ diameter

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Tri-Tech Forensics low-cost Ceramic Fingerprint Pads contain a fast-drying, non smearing, permanent ink. The ceramic pads do not deteriorate with use, and the nontoxic, law enforcement grade ink is easily removed by simply wiping the subject’s fingers with a damp paper towel, using soap and water, or with an ink remover towelette. All ceramic pads are supplied with peel-and-affix tape which allows you to affix the pad to tabletops or fingerprint stations.

X- Large Rectangular Ceramic Pad – 3.125″L x 4.375″W x .75″H   (Not shown)
Large Rectangular Ceramic Pad – 4.125” L x 2.625” W x .625″H
Small Rectangular Ceramic Pad – 2.75” L x 1.375” W x .375” H
Large Round Ceramic Pad – 2 .5” diameter
Small Round Ceramic Pad – 1.375” diameter