Alco-Sensor® IV with Memory Black Dot / Epson Printer Kit

The Alco-Sensor IV with Memory provides a simple, accurate and economical method of determining breath alcohol concentration, with the ability to store test results for easy retrieval. Paired with an Epson Slip Printer, this instrument meets the DOT requirement of providing a printed triplicate result amongst the other requirements.

Evidential grade breath test results are stored to the on board memory for printing. Key features include:

  • Intoximeter’s reliable, top of the line fuel cell technology
  • Automated, software driven breath testing protocol
  • LED display, providing step by step instructions for fail safe alcohol testing
  • Automatically samples deep lung breath
  • Standard three digit readout, and stores test records to memory
  • Capable of printing test results (with optional printer as quoted)
  • Mouthpiece release feature eliminates operator contact with a used mouthpiece
  • Easy operation, with mouthpiece powering the instrument “on” and “off”

ASIV M Brochure



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