Alco-Sensor FST

Alco-Sensor FST – Roadside Screening Device

The Alco-Sensor FST is the industry standard for Preliminary Breath Testing (PBT) instruments.
This evidential grade direct breath alcohol tester produces precise, accurate, and repeatable results.

The Alco-Sensor FST’s innovative design with its heads up display oriented 90 degrees from the base of the instrument allows the operator to use their left or right hand to comfortably operate the instrument and keep the subject in a controlled and secure position. The mouthpiece directs the breath flow away from the operator and the lighted mouthpiece channel, along with a “lever and click” mouthpiece, makes performing tests simple and easy; even at the side of the road at night. Our 200,000 Alco-Sensor FST users indicate that the device has been well received and offers best in class performance.

FST Brochure

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