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Forensic Equipment

DAVTECH wants to be your forensic products supplier, and we are working hard to earn your confidence.

Representing forensic products through industry-leading suppliers Tritech Forensics and Sirchie, DAVTECH can satisfy virtually any forensic equipment or supply requirement you may have, no matter how large or small.

We understand that timely product delivery continues to be amongst your biggest concern with respect to the sourcing of forensic products. DAVTECH is striving to be more responsive in this regard, and has been continually expanding its forensic products inventory in Ottawa over the past few years to significantly improve upon product delivery cycles. In fact, we welcome you to submit a listing of the forensic products that you utilize most regularly to assist us in identifying those products that we should be stocking as we continue moving forward.

Our forensic products offering is very comprehensive, and consists of the following key product categories:

  1. Specimen collection
  2. Evidence collection
  3. Fingerprinting
  4. Latent print collection
  5. Presumptive drug testing (ie: NIK Kits)
  6. Forensic light sources
  7. Evidence casting
  8. Theft detection
  9. Personal protection
  10. Chemicals
  11. Laboratory equipment
  12. Digital forensics

Contact our DAVTECH Forensic Products Specialist today to discuss how DAVTECH can help improve your forensic supply cycles.