For DOT or Non DOT alcohol testing, Intoximeters Breath Testing Instruments provide step by step protocols that will help Breath Alcohol Technicians follow proper procedures, and maximize error free tests.

The FST DOT offers an economical option as a basic screening device without printout capability.

Otherwise, all listed units are DOT approved for performing both screening and confirmation testing with printed results. Each unit is offered with starter supplies including mouthpieces and printer supplies. Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) and BAT Instructor training courses are available through the Intoximeters DOT Training Program.

Alco-Sensor FST DOT

Alco-Sensor FST – DOT

The FST DOT screening device kit includes the FST DOT device with 1 Year Warranty, protective case, two Passive Sample Cups, Drink Sniffer and 25 Mouthpieces.

The FST DOT unit is strictly a screening device and does NOT offer any printout capability for the results. It has DOT Firmware that provides a digital BrAC readout at all levels of BrAC. It is built to the same standards and uses the same “fuel cell” technology as the law enforcement version of the FST, which is approved for use within the Canadian Criminal Code, so you can rest assured that the FST DOT unit is a very durable and reliable unit.

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Alco-Sensor® IV with Memory Black Dot / Epson Printer Kit

The Alco-Sensor IV with Memory provides a simple, accurate and economical method of determining breath alcohol concentration, with the ability to store test results for easy retrieval. Paired with an Epson Slip Printer, this instrument meets the DOT requirement of providing a printed triplicate result amongst the other requirements.

Evidential grade breath test results are stored to the on board memory for printing. Key features include:

  • Intoximeter’s reliable, top of the line fuel cell technology
  • Automated, software driven breath testing protocol
  • LED display, providing step by step instructions for fail safe alcohol testing
  • Automatically samples deep lung breath
  • Standard three digit readout, and stores test records to memory
  • Capable of printing test results (with optional printer as quoted)
  • Mouthpiece release feature eliminates operator contact with a used mouthpiece
  • Easy operation, with mouthpiece powering the instrument “on” and “off”

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Alco-Sensor IV / RBT IV Blue Dot Kit

The RBT IV consists of an Alco-Sensor® IV and a programmed Microprocessor Printer which prompts the step-by-step test sequence, prints a hard copy of the result (in triplicate) and stores test information to memory. The kit comes complete with Pelican case and foam insert.

Key Features:
The standard RBT IV will request the entry of subject and/or operator information prior to performing a test and then will produce a hard copy result documenting the collected data along with pertinent test result information. Specific test protocols are available, off the shelf, including DOT which has been quoted.
Powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery, the RBT IV is ideal for testing at remote locations where standard 110 volt power may not available.

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The RBT VXL features the Alco-Sensor® VXL, the latest in the trusted line of Alco-Sensor® evidential grade handheld breath testing instruments. This kit consists of an Alco-Sensor VXL instrument, a docking station, a keyboard and a Martel Thermal Printer. The Alco-Sensor VXL is programmed to prompt the operator through a simple, step by step test sequence that:

1. Allows for data entry of subject, operator and other test information through the keyboard
2. Automatically collects and analyzes a breath sample
3. Produces a displayed, printed and stored to memory test record

Key Features Include:

  • Approved by NHTSA for evidential grade, DOT-compliant testing
  • Select fuel cell sensor, manufactured to Intoximeters’ exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability, and long life
  • Innovative new design with heads up display
  • Simplified user interface walks you through the test sequence
  • Quick Test option that by-passes data entry for fast, efficient testing
  • Suitable for left or right-handed use
  • Four AA batteries provide thousands of tests
  • Built-in barometer

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    ASVXL Screening Device
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