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Decatur Genesis II Select

  • SKU: G2S-KDB-KIT (dual k band antenna), G2S-KADB-KIT (dual ka band antenna), G2S-K-KIT (single k band antenna), G2S-KA-KIT (single ka band antenna)

The new Genesis II Select is a state-of-the-art digital police radar system utilizing 32-bit DSP processing.  

Features are Selectable

You have the ability to select the features and antenna choices that meet your needs and budget.  You only pay for the features you need.  Genesis II Select is one of the most versatile and affordable radar systems available today.   
Same Lane Tracking

The Same Lane Mode software option offers the operator the ability to track vehicles that are moving in the same direction as the patrol car.

Fast Done Right

The Genesis II Select offers an option for FASTER tracking.  When a Decatur Electronics radar is placed into the Fast mode, it will display and track the speed of the vehicle that is the second strongest target -- as long as that target is going faster than the primary target.  The full Doppler audio is also generated for the Fast target and the operator can lock a Fast target just as easily as the primary target speed can be locked.  This is the only method of clocking fast targets that meets all of the evidentiary rules demanded by the courts.

A High Quality Remote Control

The extruded metal remote control fits comfortably in your hand and the operational keys are placed in easy reach of your thumb.  The keys are continously backlit -- making nighttime operation a snap.   
Waterproof Antennas

The state-of-the-art K- and Ka-band antennas use horns that are precision machined from a solid block of aluminum.  An O-ring seal keeps everything dry.  This ensures the radar will perform well when mounted outside the vehicle.   
Compact Detachable Display

The small detachable display unit can be mounted almost anywhere. The LED display is visible even in direct sunlight, and the display can be automatically dimmed at night thanks to a built-in ambient light sensor.   
Intuitive Graphic Displays

The mode window displays error messages, settings and other alpha numeric information in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. Other radars rely on seven segment number displays, which often result in cryptic messages that are very difficult to understand. 

Unique Features

Standard unit includes…

  • Computer unit 
  • Handheld remote control 
  • Front antenna connection port 
  • Rear antenna connection port 
  • Communication port (not active) 
  • Units of measure in MPH (Km/h optional) 
  • Choice of, or combination of, Silver Ring K-band and/or Ka-band antennas 
  • 35.2 & 65.6 MPH (miles per hour) test fork set 
  • Operator's manual 
  • Certification 
  • Cardboard carrying case 
  • Two-year full warranty 

Genesis II Select uses Silver Ring K-band and Ka-Band antennas.

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