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Available via the web, on mobile devices, and as a PC-based application, FaceSearch was developed by Vigilant to deliver a functional, scalable and affordable solution like no other.

System Specifications

350 facial vectors exclusively from Vigilant
Cloud hosting, local storage, or hybrid
Web interface for anytime, anywhere access
PC-based enrollment application
Easy uploading / integration of local image data from jail management systems and other sources

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LineUp Facial Cataloging http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/traffic-safety/facial-recognition/item/514-lineup-facial-cataloging http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/traffic-safety/facial-recognition/item/514-lineup-facial-cataloging LineUp Facial Cataloging

LineUp is an exclusive software solution from Vigilant Solutions that is designed to monitor existing IP video surveillance cameras for purposes of facial cataloging.

Each video frame is analyzed for the presence of a human face and thumbnailed for later retrieval by location, date or time parameters.  In addition to facial cataloging, LineUp also offers near-real-time monitoring of watchlists via an integration with Vigilant’s FaceSearch facial recognition solution.

System Applications and Benefits

Perfect for government buildings, airports, retail locations, banks, special event venues and amusement parks
Compatible with almost any IP video surveillance camera
Cataloging of human faces by time, data, and location
Near-real-time integration with FaceSearch allows for each face to be checked against various watchlists

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