Special Applications - DAVTECH Analytical Services (Canada) Inc - DAVTECH Analytical Services (Canada) Inc http://www.davtech.ca Sat, 27 May 2017 23:35:45 +0000 MYOB en-gb SVR2 - Surface Velocity Radar http://www.davtech.ca/index.php/products/special-applications/item/442-svr2-surface-velocity-radar http://www.davtech.ca/index.php/products/special-applications/item/442-svr2-surface-velocity-radar SVR2 - Surface Velocity Radar

Designed specifically to measure streams and rivers, the SVR gives you precise speed measurement from a stationary position outside the body of water. The SVR is extremely valuable for measuring water surface velocity during high-velocity flows and flood conditions where using contact measurement instruments poses a risk to safety.


  • Allows scientists to determine the surface velocity of water
  • Includes cosine error correction, allowing the unit to compensate for vertical angles
  • High and low speed selection
  • Replaceable AA rechargeable batteries
  • Accepts tripod mounting
  • User friendly measurement and reading
  • Simple, more usable 5 digit display
  • Recall previous speed
  • Based on the Scout platform

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Decatur Railmaster VP http://www.davtech.ca/index.php/products/special-applications/item/205-decatur-railmaster-vp http://www.davtech.ca/index.php/products/special-applications/item/205-decatur-railmaster-vp Decatur Railmaster VP

Features include low- and high-speed ranges, sensitivity (distance range) control, and display backlighting. Powered by two Black & DeckerR VersaPakTM rechargeable batteries, this radar gun offers hours of performance on a single charge.

The Railmaster can be mounted on a tripod, and is compatible with large speed display signs and personal computers (PC's).
The face panel includes a 3-digit speed display and three buttons: menu, select, and power.  The "menu" and "select" buttons allow you to control display backlighting, sensititity (distance range), on/off, speed range/display settings, MPH/KPH units, serial communication output mode, and speed hold time.


The effective speed range of the Railmaster-VP is approximately 1 - 320 MPH (or KPH equivalent).

Unique Features

  • Radar gun (black) 
  • Railroad application operational software 
  • Units of measure are MPH (miles per hour) and in KPH (kilometers per hour) (user selectable) 
  • High, low, and tenths speed range set (low speed in whole numbers from 1 - 75 MPH [and KPH equivalent], high speed in whole numbers from 3 - 320 MPH [and KPH equivalent], and in tenths from 1.0 - 75.9 MPH [and KPH equivalent]) 
  • Communication port (not active) 
  • Black&Decker VersaPak 2-port charger with two rechargeable batteries 
  • 61 MPH test fork 
  • Operator's manual 
  • Certification 
  • Hard case 
  • Two-year full warranty
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Decatur SI 3 System Interface http://www.davtech.ca/index.php/products/special-applications/item/204-decatur-si-3-system-interface http://www.davtech.ca/index.php/products/special-applications/item/204-decatur-si-3-system-interface Decatur SI 3 System Interface

A self-contained, stand-alone unit, the SI-3's internal firmware is customizable, allowing changes to range, output format as well as many other options. 

Unique Features

  • Features
  • K-Band Antenna 
  • Directional 
  • RS232 Serial Port 
  • Stationary Mounted Radar Systems 
  • 5-150 mph (8-241 km/h) Speed Range 
  • Range: 1,500 ft default; 3,000 ft max. 
  • Highly Customizable to Meet Customers Needs
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