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New item, just arrived! G2S Sun Visor Kit includes a shade and two thumb screws.


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The Only Spotlight Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera for Law Enforcement

Externally mounted onto the vehicle's spotlight, the NOPTIC® System can detect criminal activity day or night. Using the unique benefits of thermal imaging at their fingertips, emergency responders can patrol fields, neighborhoods, parks, waterways, construction sites, and businesses / railroad /airport perimeters; all from the safety of the patrol vehicle.

• Locate suspects in complete darkness from over 500 yards away, even if partially obscured by trees or brush.
• Helps in finding dropped objects or tossed evidence.
• Identify recently operated vehicles by their heat signature.
• The NOPTIC camera is mounted on the spotlight. No additional controls are needed to quickly scan an area.
• Works in extreme temperatures. At temps below 40F a built-in heater keeps NOPTIC free of snow and ice and operational. Camera is waterproof and tested in extreme conditions.
• Uses standard RCA video out for easy integration with existing video screens and recording systems. The NOPTIC system does not interfere with existing on board systems, programs, or equipment.
• USB output along with included software allows for easy connection and the ability to record video or take snapshots,via your existing Windows-based MDT.
• Thermal Imaging does not need light to see. Conduct surveillance and patrol with stealth from a distance.  Operate covertly, without the need for vehicle lights.
• Easy installation

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DIES® Balcony Danger Mat DIES® Balcony Danger Mat

The Danger In Every Step (DIES®) Balcony Danger Mat is designed specifically to help you raise awareness about one’s susceptibility to the potential dangers associated with alcohol impairment in a party scene.

This durable single-sided rubber backed mat measures 4’ x 14’ and provides the simulated challenge of walking through a room while doing simple tasks such as picking up a TV remote or a piece of pizza, talking to another “party goer”, and avoiding tripping hazards that could result in a fall from the balcony to the street below. This activity addresses potential dangers associated with alcohol at house parties, block parties, holiday parties, family celebrations and other events.

4' x 14' DIES® rubber backed mat
Carrying strap
User guide


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9470RS Remote Area Lighting System 9470RS Remote Area Lighting System

For the maximum in portable area lighting, Pelican offers the 4 head 9470, 12,000 lumen model. The 9470RS model adds 3 new great features to make it even more useful.

The additional features offered on the "RS" model make the 9470RS an even more valuable piece of equipment. This Remote Area Light includes three additional features from the standard 9470, 1) remote control activation, 2) multi-terrain trolley and 3) a 12volt power supply port.

The remote control allows for activation and deactivation from over 60 feet away. Each unit comes equipped with two remote controls. The multi-terrain trolley allows for easier transport across rough surfaces. The large 1.5 inch polyurethane wheels play a large roll in this benefit. Everyone can benefit from the 12 volt power supply port which can be used to power any electrical product that utilizes a standard 12v vehicle style connector (up to 4 amps), like lap top computers, cell phones, etc.

All other features on the 9470RS are the same as found on the standard 9470 including the four LED light heads producing 12,000 lumens of light (with telescoping 6 foot poles), Intelligent Control System which calculates and displays current battery life, allowing the user to regulate the intensity of the light and choose the desired run time, a Pelican 1610 protector case that contain and protect all components during travel and storage, a self contained rechargeable battery and battery charger.

A tripod and extension cord are available accessories (sold separately).

The 9470RS is available in either black or yellow cases and backed by Pelican's legendary Guarantee of Excellence. Truly the 9470RS now offers the very best in remote area lighting products.
6.50" x 7.87" x 2.56" (16.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm)
24.83" x 19.57" x 11.93" (63.1 x 49.7 x 30.3 cm)

Available colours: Black or Yellow

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9490 Remote Area Lighting System 9490 Remote Area Lighting System

Up to 6,000 lumens (calculated)
Up to 24 hrs of run time
Intelligent Control (allows or various light output levels)
Maintenance free LED array with 50,000 hour life expectancy
Built Pelican tough
Full time battery level indication with low level flashing indicator
Deployable mast with 340 degree rotation
Multiple deployment positions
Convenient shoulder strap
Quick release / Hot swappable battery design with 12 volt power supply
Free Bluetooth iPhone™ App Controls Multiple Units

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Vigilant Solutions Fixed License Plate Recognition Vigilant Solutions Fixed License Plate Recognition

Vigilant's Fixed LPR provides strategic monitoring and high-volume data gathering around a city, region, or critical infrastructure location.

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Vigilant Solutions Mobile License Plate Recognition Vigilant Solutions Mobile License Plate Recognition

DAVTECH is now offering Vigilant's Mobile LPR system, managed from within the LEARN server. Features of this system include: user-friendly interface, works with existing laptop, processors are integrated into LPR cameras, continuous communication with web-based server.

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Intoximeters RBT VXL Intoximeters RBT VXL

The RBT VXL consists of an Alco-Sensor® VXL, a docking station, a keyboard and a printer.  The Alco-Sensor® VXL is programmed to prompt the operator through a step-by-step test sequence that . . . .

1.allows for data entry of subject, operator and other test information through the keyboard
2.automatically collects and analyzes a breath sample
3.produces a displayed, printed and stored-to-memory test record

The instrument can be programmed to support a variety of different test protocols.  Off the shelf programs include workplace protocols (U.S. DOT, DOE, NRC and unregulated testing) and basic law enforcement protocols.  Customized jurisdictional applications are available upon request.

Unique Features:

•Innovative new design with heads-up display
•Simplified user interface walks you through the test sequence
•Suitable for left or right-handed use
•Four AA batteries provide thousands of tests
•Optional built-in barometer

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DragonEye Compact Speed Lidar DragonEye Compact Speed Lidar

Achieving the optimum balance of features, performance, package size and low cost, the new DragonEye COMPACT Speed Lidar provides pinpoint, laser accurate speeds on vehicles up to 914 metres away.

With its unique vertical grip, cushioned brow-pad eyepiece and standard 1:1 Head-Up display sight, the COMPACT provides hours of comfortable speed enforcement without eye or arm strain using just two standard AA batteries.

With rapid acquisition algorithms and advanced anti-jamming, the DragonEye COMPACT proves there is no need to sacrifice critical performance features when selecting a low cost Lidar unit.

Key Features

  • Superior vehicle acquisition and tracking algorithms with detailed accuracy checking routines.
  • Unity magnification Head-Up Display sighting system for rapid target acquisition and less eye strain.
  • Unique vertical handgrip with cushioned brow pad eyepiece yields comfortable and stable targeting.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy stowage.
  • High resolution side matrix display with auto-on backlight to easily reference the previous speed reading.
  • Easy to use controls with dedicated brightness, volume and weather buttons.
  • Advanced anti-jamming allows speed readings while most guns are blanked or display error codes.
  • Standard double AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries with quick change rubber battery cover.
  • Extensive internal self test functions ensure continued accuracy.
  • Optional extended self-test with operator confirmations (no additional cost).
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Decatur OnSite 200MX – Modular Radar Speed Display Dolly Decatur OnSite 200MX – Modular Radar Speed Display Dolly

The OnSite™ 200MX Speed Dolly is a modular compact unmanned speed deterrent that monitors traffic speeds and helps increase motorists awareness.

The advanced modular design allows for up to 4 batteries for extended run times between rechargings.

  • NEW Interchangeable modular display head
  • 18 inch LED digits visible from 1000 feet
  • Zinc Primer & white Powder Coating
  • Patrol Power distribution system
  • High speed cut-off and violation alert

The OS 200MX Optional Features

  • 100's Digit
  • 2 LED Violation flashers (Red/Blue)
  • Speed Limit Sign
  • High capacity battery option
  • 7 day programmable timer with 8 start/stop times per day

Intended Uses

Click the following link to watch the Speed Trailers in action:













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