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We are proud to distribute these Keson Pocket Rods to our forensic customers.  While they may look like standard tape measures, in actuality each of these tools are a rigid height gauge that are designed to roll into a housing that looks like a tape measure.

And though you can pull the tape out part way and use it like a roll tape, its uniqueness and functionality comes from pulling the tape completely out of its case creating a stable rule for vertical measurements.

The rule itself is nearly 1” wide and comes in two reading varieties, fractional and metric.  The fractional model shows black graphics on the inner/concave side of the rule and red graphics on the other side.  Major increments, inches and feet, are labeled with graduations reading down to the 1/8”, for the entirety of its 6 1/2’ length.  The metric model is very similar; the red graphics are inside on the concave side this time, with black graphics on the other side.  This unit reads in centimeters with 1/10th meter labels, all the way up to 2 meters.

The ruler itself is a steel blade with a Tecron-tuff coating so that it is weather and moisture resistant.  The end is a heavy-duty hook that reads at true zero.  Using the rule as a height rod, the Keson Rod nearly stands up on its own. Just put a little weight on the hook, like stepping on it with your foot, and it stands up firm and true.

Part Number(s):

PSP-PR610 - Keson Pocket Rod - 6.5 feet long Feet/10ths/100th
PSP-PR618 - Keson Pocket Rod - 6.5 feet long Feet/Inches/1/8ths
PSP-PR2M - Keson Pocket Rod - 2 meters long Meter/1/10 m/1/2 cm

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MegaPictoFramus Rules MegaPictoFramus Rules

The MegaPictoFramus™ is a line of gigantic folding rules for large frames of reference.  Necessary for many applications, these angles are hearty, durable, and made of non-corrosive and waterproof materials.  Each MegaPictoFramus™ is printed with our Optirectilinear® graphics, which are markings that allow measurements to be easily read from long distances, up to 40 feet away.

Beyond the frames themselves, we offer a couple of elective items that can improve stability and portability.  First is a pair of feet that props the MegaPictoFramus™ into an upright position.  Second is a black, washable, nylon carry case with a shoulder strap that can hold three MegaPictoFramus™ units.

The MegaPictoFramus™ comes in several varieties.  There are two length options: 4’ x 4’ (122cm x 122cm) and 7’8” x 7’8” (234cm x 234cm), two colors: Yellow and White, and two measurement reading styles: Fractional and Metric.  Both sizes are lightweight, 2 pounds for the 4’ model, and 4 pounds for the 7’8” option.  These angles also are designed to fold up into a compact rectangle approximately 3.25” wide x 4’4” long x 2” thick.

Part Number(s):

PSP-MPF-4X4Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Fractional 4' x 4' - Yellow or White
PSP-MPF-7'8X7'8Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Fractional 7' 8" x 7' 8" - Yellow or White   
PSP-MPF-122X122Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Metric 122 cm x 122 cm - Yellow or White  
PSP-MPF-234X234Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Metric 234 cm x 234 cm - Yellow or White
PSP-MPF-CASE - MegaPictoFramus Rule Carry Case Holds 3 Rules - Black Nylon
PSP-MPF-FT - MegaPictoFramus Rule Feet 2/pkg - White 

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Optirectilinear Folding Rules - Extra Large Optirectilinear Folding Rules - Extra Large

Tri-Tech Forensics' Extra Large Folding Rules combine many of the features of other large reference rulers into one useful package.  Characteristics like having easy-to-read graphics, being built of weatherproof materials, and the ability to fold into a compact shape for portability are just a few of its advantages. 

The Extra Large Folding Rules feature both Fractional and Metric reading styles on opposite sides of the same unit.

Optirectilinear® graphics are used on each side of the rule, which allows you to read measurements up to 40 feet away, and the bold yellow and black colour scheme is designed for optimum clarity in photographs. Rules are 2.5” wide and pivot out in 22.5” (57 cm) multiple sections to accommodate different length requirements.  One side has Feet/Inches while the other side counts in Centimeters.  There are two length options available to choose from: a 4-section rule reaching 82”/208 cm and a 5-section rule that goes to 102”/260 cm.

Part Number(s):

PSP-LFMR-YW82 - Extra Large Folding Rule - 82" (208 cm)
PSP-LFMR-YW102 - Extra Large Folding Rule - 102" (260 cm)

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Photo Gray Cards 18% Photo Gray Cards 18%

18% Photo Gray Cards are for use in forensic photography.  These cards are useful in determining exposure, lighting ratio, and colour balance in photographs and film. 

Place an 18% Photo Gray Card in a camera shot as a frame of colour reference, then use its neutral gray colour as a standard for in-camera white balancing or post-process white balancing. 

When you use 18% Photo Gray Cards at the start of every shooting location and light source, it provides the simplest way to ensure all your pictures are perfectly coloured and evenly balanced with each other.  No camera bag is complete without a set of 18% Photo Gray Cards.

Each set will come with a complete set of instructions on how to use the 18% Photo Gray Cards and are protected in a clear zip poly bag.

Part Number(s):

PSP-PGC-1 - 18% Photo Gray Cards - two 8" X 10" per pkg
PSP-PGC-2 - 18% Photo Gray Cards - one 8" X 10" and two 4" x 5" per pkg

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Photo Scale - Adhesive L-Shaped Photo Scale - Adhesive L-Shaped

TriTech Forensics L-shaped Photomacrograph Scales are available in two sizes and are supplied 100 scales per roll.

Simply peel off the scale from the roll and affix it to any vertical surface. The adhesive is nonpermanent and will not damage most surfaces.

Quantity: 100 scales/roll

Part Number(s):

PSA-LL - Adhesive L-Shaped Photo Scale - 100/roll 3" x 2"
PSA-LS - Adhesive L-Shaped Photo Scale - 100/roll 2" x 1.75"

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Photographic Evidence Marking Kit Photographic Evidence Marking Kit

This 7" x 9" three-ring notebook contains 1,900 1" x 1.375" nonglare, matte finish, adhesive-backed labels for photographing evidence.

Each notebook contains 50 metric scale labels, 50 arrow labels, 50 ea. (0-9) numeral labels with metric scale, and 50 ea. (A-Z) letter labels with metric scale.

Part Number:

PEMK - Photographic Evidence Marking Kit

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Photomacrographic Scale - L-Shaped Fluorescent Photomacrographic Scale - L-Shaped Fluorescent

This scale is identical to the L-shaped Photomacrographic Scale, but it is constructed of heavy cardstock. These Fluorescent Photomacrographic Scales are printed in a bright orange which fluoresces under a UV light source.

This scale is used when photographing evidence such as latent prints that have been dusted with fluorescent powders.

Part Number:

PSP-LF - Fluorescent L-Shaped Photomacrographic Scale - 5/pkg

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Shoe/Boot Photo Stands Shoe/Boot Photo Stands

This Shoe/Boot Photo Stand was developed to hold footwear in an upright position to assist crime laboratory personnel in the photographing and examination of footwear collected from a suspect. The stand can also be used for comparing the collected footwear to castings or lifted dust prints from a crime scene.

This stand is made of .75" wood covered with a matte finish black laminate and measures 18" L x 12" W x 14" H and weighs 16.6 lbs.

The two white sliding panels lock the footwear in place, and the matte finish, pre-printed Photo Information Cards can be easily attached to the panels via the spring-loaded card clamps. These cards allow you to record all pertinent information pertaining to the photograph using a fast-drying, felt-tipped pen.

Fifty Photo Information Cards and a felt-tipped pen are supplied with the stand.

Although the stand was developed for footwear, it can be used for photographing a variety of other types of evidence as well.

Part Numbers:

PHO-STAND-IN - Shoe/Boot Photo Stand* - English (feet/inches)

PHO-STAND-M - Shoe/Boot Photo Stand* - Metric (meters)

PHO-CARD - Shoe/Boot Photo Information Cards (50/pkg)

*The following special shipping charges apply: Oversize

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Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - White Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - White

Tri-Tech Forensics' Adhesive-Backed Photo Scale Tape is a useful addition to any crime scene evidence collection kit.  The tape can be applied to any surface (glass, metal, paper, plastic, and wood) and can be easily removed without damaging the surface.

These photo evidence tapes measure the size of the object being photographed for comparisons of the object size and the distance between surrounding objects.

Each roll is printed in 12" (30 cm) increments. Rule tape is printed black on white coated tape stock and is available in inches, centimeters, or both.

PSA-IS - Adhesive Backed Photo Scale Tape 0.5" x 500"
PSA-I - Adhesive Backed Photo Scale Tape 1" x 500"
PSA-I/M - Adhesive Backed Photo Scale Tape 2.5 cm X 12.5 m

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Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - Yellow Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - Yellow

This continuous roll, adhesive-backed Photo Scale Tape is one you will want to have at a crime scene.  The bright yellow colour causes it to stand out in photos, making it easier to read.

It is made of glare-resistant materials and printed with optirectilinear markings which cause the measuring lines to be visible from a distance.  This Photo Scale Tape measures 1.5" wide by 1260" per roll.

The tape is printed vertical up, meaning you only use what you need.  It is printed and attached to a paper liner like a decal, allowing the backing to be exposed quickly.  The adhesive is high tack but removeable and will not cause surface degredation or leave a surface residue.  Nearly any surface can accept this ruler, including skin, glass, painted surfaces, plastic, and rugs.

PSA-IY - Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - Yellow

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