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MegaPictoFramus Rules

The MegaPictoFramus™ is a line of gigantic folding rules for large frames of reference.  Necessary for many applications, these angles are hearty, durable, and made of non-corrosive and waterproof materials.  Each MegaPictoFramus™ is printed with our Optirectilinear® graphics, which are markings that allow measurements to be easily read from long distances, up to 40 feet away.

Beyond the frames themselves, we offer a couple of elective items that can improve stability and portability.  First is a pair of feet that props the MegaPictoFramus™ into an upright position.  Second is a black, washable, nylon carry case with a shoulder strap that can hold three MegaPictoFramus™ units.

The MegaPictoFramus™ comes in several varieties.  There are two length options: 4’ x 4’ (122cm x 122cm) and 7’8” x 7’8” (234cm x 234cm), two colors: Yellow and White, and two measurement reading styles: Fractional and Metric.  Both sizes are lightweight, 2 pounds for the 4’ model, and 4 pounds for the 7’8” option.  These angles also are designed to fold up into a compact rectangle approximately 3.25” wide x 4’4” long x 2” thick.

Part Number(s):

PSP-MPF-4X4Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Fractional 4' x 4' - Yellow or White
PSP-MPF-7'8X7'8Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Fractional 7' 8" x 7' 8" - Yellow or White   
PSP-MPF-122X122Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Metric 122 cm x 122 cm - Yellow or White  
PSP-MPF-234X234Y - MegaPictoFramus Rule - Metric 234 cm x 234 cm - Yellow or White
PSP-MPF-CASE - MegaPictoFramus Rule Carry Case Holds 3 Rules - Black Nylon
PSP-MPF-FT - MegaPictoFramus Rule Feet 2/pkg - White 

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