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Spill Clean-Up Pack


The Spill Clean-Up Pack is a 22-piece spill cleanup kit containing an assortment of disposable tools and personal protective supplies suitable for the cleanup of bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious substances.

This pack includes nitrile exam gloves to help protect against direct contact with pathogens and infectious substances.  It contains a scoop, spatula, absorbent powder, chloride antiseptic towelettes, a disinfectant cloth, and paper towels to help clean up spills.  A biohazard bag, unmarked bag, and twist ties are included for the disposal of pathogens and infections substances.

Biohazard cleanup kits provide an assortment of cleaning tools and disposable personal protective equipment to safely clean up potentially infectious bodily fluids such as vomit, spit, blood, or urine. The personal protective equipment components of the kit help minimize exposure of personnel to potentially harmful substances.

Biohazard (also called biological hazards) cleanup kits may comply with standards such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standard 1910.1030 concerning bloodborne pathogens and the cleanup of infectious waste. The kits are used in facilities such as hospitals, doctor's offices, and health care clinics. They are also used by cleaning crews specializing in trauma and crime scene clean up.

Kit Components
•(10) Paper towel
•(2) Chloride antiseptic towelettes
•Disinfectant cloth
•Nitrile exam gloves, one pair
•Absorbent powder
•Biohazard bag
•Unmarked bag
•(2) Twist ties

Part Number(s):

FA-SCUP - Spill Clean-Up Pack

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