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ELIM60 DNA Eliminating Cleaner

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ELIM60 is a revolutionary new cleaner and disinfectant developed to eliminate DNA and all other contaminants in just 60 seconds! 

Residual DNA and other nucleic acids can present a contamination problem in many facilities and at crime scenes.  ELIM60 was developed to meet this challenge head-on, in a quick and easy way.  ELIM60 is available in a 750ml spray for larger surfaces, including disinfecting clean rooms, laboratories, and large equipment.  Also available in convenient 120 or 200 wipe tubs, ELIM60 is perfect for cleaning crime scene equipment between uses and thus eliminating the threat of cross contamination.

ELIM60 is cost effective and ideal for healthcare and forensic uses.

ELIM60 is available for purchase by law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, and laboratory facilities only.  Please contact us if you would like additional information.


Part Number(s):

CL-ELIM60-SPR - ELIM60 DNA Eliminating Cleaner - 750 ml Spray
CL-ELIM60-W120 - ELIM60 DNA Eliminating Cleaner - 120/pk  
CL-ELIM60-W200 - ELIM60 DNA Eliminating Cleaner - 200/pk



Fast: 60 Second kill across all pathogenic organism groups increasing work efficiency and cost effectiveness

Universal: Effective in all situations where cleaning and disinfection are paramount

Simple in use: Pre-prepared with no complex dilution instructions

Safe in use: Widely compatible and non damaging to surfaces and non invasive equipment

Pleasant to use: Easier to ensure compliance with cleaning and disinfection protocols for equipment and surface

Removes uncertainty: Confidence in the destruction of what can be dangerous but unseen and in preventing cross-contamination

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