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NEBO® CSI QUATRO™ Forensic Light Source


The NEBO® CSI QUATRO™ (patent pending) is one of the brightest, most versatile forensic light sources on the market today. It boasts 75 lumens of pure white light to be exact. The light also features 5 green LED bulbs, 5 UV LED bulbs, and a red laser pointer.


The QUATRO™ is an all-inclusive light for use at a crime scene. The white light helps investigators move around a dark crime scene without disturbing evidence while the 5 green LED bulbs can assist with inspection of evidence on certain backgrounds or can be used to signal location. The 5 UV LED bulbs work well for fluorescing latent prints treated with fluorescing powders or dyes, bodily fluids, trace evidence document examination, and detecting counterfeit bills and ID’s. The red laser pointer can be used to point out evidence or pinpoint a particular place of interest.

FL-NEBO-Q - NEBO® CSI QUATRO™ Forensic Light Source


Constructed of anodized, aircraft grade aluminum, the QUATRO’s™ design is completely water-resistant. A great design feature is the magnetic base that gives you the ability to have convenient, hands-free lighting.

The QUATRO™ includes a glow-in-the-dark button that is positioned on the tail cap that allows for ultimate control of the lighting while switching to the different functions. To compliment the aggressive self-defense face, the QUATRO™ incorporates a green flashing feature.


1 high power LED bulb
5 powerful green LED bulbs
5 powerful UV LED bulbs
Red laser pointer that travels over 450 yards
Emergency flasher function - green LEDs in flash mode
S.O.S. flash mode - all lights and laser in S.O.S. flash sequence
Anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum, water-resistant, compact body design
Magnetic base for hands-free lighting
Aggressive self-defense face
Rear glow-in-the-dark button


Click button 1 time for white light.
Click button 2 times for 5 green LEDs.
Click button 3 times for 5 UV LEDs.
Click button 4 times for the red laser pointer.
Click button 5 times for 5 green LEDs in flash mode.
Hold button for 4 seconds for all LEDs and laser in S.O.S.

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