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NEBO® REDLINE® OC Forensic Light Source


The innovative NEBO® tactical lighting solutions are a must-have on the job. These lights are made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and are completely water-resistant.

Among the many great design features of these lights is the magnetic base, providing the ability to have convenient hands-free lighting.  A glow-in-the-dark button is positioned on the end cap to allow for ultimate control of the lighting while switching among the different functions.

Similar to the REDLINE® light, the REDLINE® OC outputs 600 LUX of pristine white light. 600 LUX is bright, but what makes the OC™ so special is the OC™ (Optimized Clarity) Technology. Coupled with the convex lens, the OC™ Technology creates optimized clarity with a perfectly dispersed beam of light while in flood mode. This sophisticated technology provides the intensity of a 600 LUX light that is easy on the eyes. Eliminating inconsistencies in light, the OC™ Technology provides intense, clear, pristine light that allows the beam to be as bright on the edge as it is in the center when used in flood mode

FL-NEBO-B - NEBO® REDLINE® OC Forensic Light Source


• High-power 600 LUX LED

• High: 600 LUX – 2 Hours / 92 Meters
• Strobe – 4.5 Hours / 92 Meters

• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant
• OC™ Technology
• Convex lens
• Tactical edge
• 6x adjustable beam
• Dual-direction belt/pocket clip
• Magnetic base

• Rear-positioned, glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF button with Soft Touch Technology

• Lanyard included

• Powered by 1 AA battery (included)

• Length: 4.8125”
• Diameter: 1” (Barrel), 1.25” (Head)
• 0.25 lbs.

• D 659,869 S

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