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Our specifically formulated black Fingerprint Slab Ink is recognized as the best ink by identification bureaus throughout the world. This Slab Ink dries quickly on all paper forms yet remains soft on inking slabs and rollers for days.

Part Number: 
INK-2 (2oz tube)
INK-4 (4oz tube)
INK-16 (16oz jar)

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Our Inking Slabs are available in two different sizes and in either polished stainless steel or ¼” thick glass. The stainless steel slabs are pre-drilled for table top mounting and an optional ¼” thick wood backing plate is available to raise the slab off the table for easy cleaning. Glass slabs are provided with nonskid rubber feet. 

Part Number(s):  
SLAB-GL-4X10 (Glass 4" x 10")
SLAB-GL-5X12 (Glass 5" x 12")
SLAB-SS-4X10 (Stainless Steal 4" x 10")
SLAB-SS-5X12 (Stainless Steal 5" x 12")
SLAB-W-4X10 (Wood 4" x 10")
SLAB-W-5X12 (Wood 5" x 12")

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Wipe & Print™ is a new and revolutionary two-step approach for taking high-contrast, permanent, scannable fingerprints. Simply wipe the subject’s fingertips (or palm for palm print) with the moist Wipe & Print™ towelette which contains a colorless and odorless, proprietary liquid. Then roll the subject’s fingertips or palm on the specially treated Wipe & Print™ Record Cards.

The print(s) will start to develop within two to three seconds and, within fifteen seconds, the prints will be fully developed, as shown above. Any remaining clear, nonstaining liquid on the subject's hand is easily removed with soap and water.

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Inkless fingerprinting can be achieved by using this two-step system that produces high-contrast black fingerprints on any type of 8” x 8” record card. Prints taken with this system are accepted by the FBI for classification, search, and retention.

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Ridge Builder is used to add definition and clarity to the fingerprint ridges, permitting you to obtain readable prints from the elderly, subjects with poor ridge structure, or subjects who work with their hands, such as brick layers or farm workers.

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Our evidence scriber (A) has a tip that stores inside the handle for user safety. Evidence scriber (B) comes with a fixed tip. These scribers are used for marking hard surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, etc.

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