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These Child Fingerprint Record Cards are used for child fingerprinting programs.

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These standard 8” x 8” fingerprint record cards are made of select 110 lb. index card stock.

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These standard 8” x 8” palm print record cards are printed front and back in black on 110 lb. index card stock. As with all our record cards, they can be used with any type of fingerprinting ink.

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Our individual, disposable ink remover towelettes are ideal for removing fingerprint ink from fingers and hands. Each 5” x 8” towelette is saturated with a specially formulated ink removing solvent and stays moist in a hermetically sealed foil package.

Part Number: TOWINK (100/box)

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This ½ gallon (4.5 lb.) container of GOJO® Hand Cleaner is perfect for departments that process large numbers of subjects. GOJO® can be used either with or without water to remove ink from subjects’ fingers and hands.

Part Number:
CL-GJ-64D (1-1/2 Gallon w/wall mount)
CL-GJ-64 (Replacement Cartridge)

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Our Kleen-Ink® Ink Cleaning Solution is pleasantly scented, nonflammable, and specifically formulated for cleaning fingerprint ink from inking slabs and rollers. The cleaner is extremely mild to the skin without sacrificing performance. Kleen-Ink® is available in 32 oz. and 128 oz. containers. 

Part Number(s): 
CL-KL-32 (32oz)
CL-KL-128 (128oz)

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A pleasantly scented, soothing cream hand cleaner which liquefies on contact with the skin. A small quantity rubbed on the fingers or hands will quickly dissolve fingerprint ink. Wipes off easily with a cloth or paper towel. No water is required.

Part Number: CL-HS-16

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Our aerosol waterless hand cleaner will remove any type of fingerprint ink from fingers and hands without skin irritation. No water is needed; simply spray on and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel.

Part Number: CL-HS-16S

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Spray-Away® contains a fast acting ink solvent that loosens and removes both fresh and old fingerprint ink from rubber ink rollers and glass or stainless steel inking slabs. Simply spray our cleaner directly on the inked surface and wipe away ink with a cloth or paper towel. Spray-Away® contains no fluorocarbons and is supplied in both 6 oz. and 10 oz. aerosol spray cans.

Part Number: 
CL-SR-6 (6oz)
CL-SR-10 (10oz)

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These pre-inked sheets consist of two .010” acetate sheets that sandwich a thin, even layer of fingerprint ink.

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Our Porelon® pads will take thousands of fingerprints and are always ready for use. The stored ink rises to the surface of the microreticulated thermoplastic resin pad by means of capillary action. The nontoxic, nonfading, permanent ultra-black ink dries in seconds on all types of record cards. They are available in pocket and desktop versions and are supplied with hinged covers.

Part Number:
PAD-POR-1 (5-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 1/2")
PAD-POR-2 (5-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 1/2") Desk Model w/screws
PAD-POR-RS (2-1/4" x 1-3/4" x 1/2") Small Pocket Model
PAD-POR (5" x 2-1/2") Replacement Pad

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Our Semi-Inkless Fingerprint Pads are available in five different models and will take thousands of fingerprints. The polyethylene micron plastic pad is impregnated with a nontoxic, nonfading permanent black fingerprint ink that dries instantaneously. The pads are used around the world by governments and private industry for background checks. The ink is easily removed by simply wiping the fingertips with a dry tissue or using an ink remover towelette.

Part Number:
PAD-TTI-1.5 (Small Round Pad 1-1/2" Diameter)
PAD-TTI-2 (Large Round Pad 2" Diameter)
PAD-TTI-RS (Small Pocket 2-1/4" x 1-3/4" x 1/2")
PAD-TTI-RL (Large Desk 5-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 1/2")
PAD-TTI-RLD (Desk Model w/screws 5-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 1/2")

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These ink rollers are provided with comfortable, unbreakable, tapered black plastic handles that suit any hand size. When turned over, the stainless steel frame prevents the inked rubber roller from contacting the table top when not in use. 

Part Number(s): 
RLR-PL-2 (2")
RLR-PL-3 (3")
RLR-PL-4 (4")

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This ink roller uses the same smooth, solvent resistant, medium-soft rubber as our Roll-Ease® Ink Rollers, but comes with a 3/16" diameter stainless steel 5¼” long handle. When turned over, the Steel-Grip® handle prevents the inked rubber roller from contacting the table surface.

Part Number: RLR-SG-3

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These replacement rubber rollers will fit both Roll-Ease® and Steel-Grip® fingerprint ink rollers. Each rubber roller measures 13/16" in diameter. 

Part Number(s): 
RLR-RR-2 (2")
RLR-RR-3 (3")
RLR-RR-4 (4")

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