Evidence Casting - DAVTECH Analytical Services (Canada) Inc - DAVTECH Analytical Services (Canada) Inc http://davtech.ca Tue, 23 Jan 2018 13:21:50 +0000 MYOB en-gb Pathfinder Omega Electrostatic Dust Lifter http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/633-pathfinder-omega-electrostatic-dust-lifter http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/633-pathfinder-omega-electrostatic-dust-lifter Pathfinder Omega Electrostatic Dust Lifter

When dust prints are located on areas that make it difficult to retrieve them with conventional lifters, the PathFinder Omega Electostatic Dust Print Lifter is the tool you need.  Compact, lightweight, and free of probes or leads, the PathFinder has been called the safest ESL unit on the market today.

It is run from a single, widely-available 9V battery and has a built-in safety feature to protect the operator in the event of an accidental shock, even users with a heart pacemaker!  This device will lift prints from a wide variety of surfaces, including floors, doors, plastic, paper, and metal, as well as concrete, carpet, chairs, and more.

The PathFinder Omega comes with a grounding plate, instructions, and a plastic field case.  Mylar film for collecting the prints is sold separately below.

Part Number(s):

PF-ESDL1 - Pathfinder Omega Electrostatic Dust Lifter  
PF-MF65 - Electrostatic Dust Lifter Mylar Film - 1 10" x 65' roll

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Spray Bottle with Adjustable Nozzle http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/632-spray-bottle-with-adjustable-nozzle http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/632-spray-bottle-with-adjustable-nozzle Spray Bottle with Adjustable Nozzle

Our 16 oz. Pump Spray Bottle has an adjustable spray nozzle which allows you to "mist" questioned areas with your choice of chemical.

Part Number(s):

BOT16HS - Spray Bottle with Adjustable Nozzle

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NuCASTtool Evidence Casting Kit http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/597-nucast-tool-evidence-casting-kit http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/597-nucast-tool-evidence-casting-kit NuCASTtool Evidence Casting Kit

The NuCASTtool Casting Kit has been tailored specifically for the needs of forensic professionals when taking tool mark impressions.  NuCASTtool comes in a one-use kit with 2 pre-measured putty components. The putty consistency allows for an easy mixture by hand and also provides a non-drip solution for vertical surfaces.

NuCASTtool requires NO applicator guns, NO replacement nozzles and NO mixing pots or spatulas. The one use kit ensures there is no waste and puts an end to the problems of cartridges and tubes ‘going off’ before you’ve had a chance to use the entire product.

NuCASTtool is sold in single units.

NUC-TOOL-1 - NuCASTtool Evidence Casting Kit

With a 30 second mixing time and 3 to 5 minute setting time NuCASTtool is the rapid, clean and waste free solution for the forensic professional.

    - No Waste
    - Pre-measured for accurate mixture
    - Rapid Setting
    - Non – Drip consistency for vertical surfaces
    - No Nozzles
    - No Applicator Guns
    - No Spatulas or mixing pots

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Dust, Sand, and Dirt Hardener Kit http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/596-dust-sand-and-dirt-hardener-kit http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/596-dust-sand-and-dirt-hardener-kit Dust, Sand, and Dirt Hardener Kit

Our Dust, Sand, and Dirt Hardener Kit contains all the necessary components for preparing a footprint or tire track for casting with plaster, dental stone, or silicone rubber casting materials. This product helps prevent the impression from deforming due to the weight of the casting material.

Kit components are also offered separately.

Kit Components
1 ea. 64 oz. of Hardener Solution
1 ea. 8 oz. Hardener Solution Spray Bottle
1 ea. 8 oz. Pump Head Cleaning Solution

CK-DSDH - Dust, Sand, & Dirt Hardener Kit 
LC-DSDH-64 - Dust, Sand, & Dirt Hardener Solution
LC-A-8 - Pump Head Cleaning Solution

Dangerous goods handling fee and shipping charges will aply.

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AccuTrans® Casting Silicone Material & Automix Dispensing System http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/546-accutrans-casting-silicone-material http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/546-accutrans-casting-silicone-material AccuTrans® Casting Silicone Material & Automix Dispensing System

AccuTrans® is a revolutionary, non-toxic polyvinylsiloxane evidence casting material specifically designed for forensic applications.

Its flexible design is highly resistant to tearing and provides users with the best dimensional stability.

AccuTrans® works similar to a caulk gun. There is no messy mixing required. Simply load the gun, depress the trigger, and you get an even, accurate flow. Tool marks and castings cure in just four minutes at 68°F (25°C).

AccuTrans® also works great for lifting latent prints from rough or curved surfaces. Once lifted, prints are permanent and cannot be smeared or smudged.

AccuTrans® is available in three colors, each of which offers users with the specific benefits listed below.

AccuTrans® Transparent
This clear, self-pooling material eliminates reverse prints and provides users with zero distortion.  It is ideal for use on rough or curved surfaces. This material also works great on skin and blood prints.

AccuTrans® White
AccuTrans® White is the perfect way to lift and preserve latent prints from rough, curved, and textured surfaces. It is also ideal for use in casting gun barrels and palm prints.

AccuTrans® Brown
AccuTrans® Brown provides exceptional detail when casting tool or pry marks. Its deep, dark color reduces glare, making examination under a microscope easy and straightforward. The material is also ideal for use in casting gun barrels and shell casings.


CM-ACCU-SK - AccuTrans® Automix Starter Kit - 1 ea. Brown, White, Transparent Cartridges 
CM-ACCU-IKB - AccuTrans® Automix Intro Kit - Brown - 2 ea. Brown Cartridges
CM-ACCU-IKW - AccuTrans® Automix Intro Kit - White - 2 ea. White Cartridges 
CM-ACCU-IKT - AccuTrans® Automix Intro Kit - Transparent - 2 ea. Transparent Cartridges
CM-ACCU-RB4 - AccuTrans® Automix Refill - Brown - 4/pkg - Brown Cartridges
CM-ACCU-RW4 - AccuTrans® Automix Refill - White - 4/pkg - White Cartridges   
CM-ACCU-RT4 - AccuTrans® Automix Refill - Transparent - 4/pkg - Transparent Cartridges   
CM-ACCU-DG - AccuTrans® Dispensing Gun - 1/pkg - No Cartridges   
CM-ACCU-MT40 - AccuTrans® Mixing Tips - 40/pkg - No Cartridges 
CM-ACCU-WT40 - AccuTrans® Wide Spreader Tips - 40/pkg - No Cartridges

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Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/545-acrylic-sand-and-dirt-hardener http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/545-acrylic-sand-and-dirt-hardener Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener

Tri-Tech Forensics' Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener is a fast drying, clear acrylic spray created to stabilize footprints and tire tracks found in sand and dirt.

TRITECHFORENSICS' Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener can be used with plaster, dental stone, and silicone rubber casting material. Once dried, the hardener helps prevent the distortion of the impression from the weight of the casting material. It is provided in an 11.5 oz. aerosol can.

LC-SDH-11 - Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener

(Air-Hazard Shipping)

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Casting Frames http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/544-casting-frames http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/544-casting-frames Casting Frames

Tri-Tech Forensics' .040" thick, adjustable aluminum Casting Frames are used to restrict the flow and control the depth of plaster, dental stone, or silicone casting material when making casts at crime scenes.

Frame Sizes:

Footprint: 12" to 20"L x 8.5"W x 1.75"H
Tire Print: 20.25" to 24"L x 12"W x 1.75"H

FRAME-F - Casting Frame Footprint  
FRAME-T - Casting Frame Tire

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Casting Material Mixing Bag http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/543-casting-material-mixing-bag http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/543-casting-material-mixing-bag Casting Material Mixing Bag

These 13" W x 18" H, 4 mil Ziplock Bags provide a clean and simple way to mix water with whatever casting material you prefer.

Simply add the appropriate amount of plaster or dental stone and water to the bag, seal the bag, then shake the contents until you have a uniform mixture of casting material.

Tri-Tech Forensics' empty plastic Water Containers allow you to carry a ready source of clean water for use in mixing casting material.

ZIP13X18/4 - Casting Material Mixing Bag - 100/pkg
JUG64OZ - Water Container

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Dental Stone Casting Material http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/530-dental-stone-casting-material http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/530-dental-stone-casting-material Dental Stone Casting Material

Even with a minimum amount poured into the impression, Tri-Tech's gypsum-based Dental Stone provides detailed reproductions of impressions in a casting of unbelievable strength.

Tri-Tech Forensics' Dental Stone Casting Materials are supplied in easy-to-carry metal containers. Instruction sheets are provided and include both guidelines for use and tips for creating superior castings.

The empty plastic Water Containers allow you to carry a ready source of clean water for use in mixing your dental stone casting material.

CMD-9 - Dental Stone Casting Material - 9 lbs 
CMD-25 - Dental Stone Casting Material - 25 lbs
CMD-50 - Dental Stone Casting Material - 50 lbs
JUG64OZ - Water Container

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Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/529-mikrosil-casting-putty-kit http://davtech.ca/index.php/products/forensic-evidence-collection/evidence-casting/item/529-mikrosil-casting-putty-kit Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit

Mikrosil® Casting Putty is used when highly detailed castings of tool and jimmy marks are required or for lifting dusted latent prints off a rough or round surface. Mikrosil® has been formulated to give excellent rendering of small details, highest contrast for microscopic observations, good releasing ability for the cast, and short curing time.

Mikrosil® is available in four colours:
• Brown - the color which many tool mark examiners
   prefer; the dark colour increases the visibility of
   detail in the casts made from tool marks, firing
   pin marks, breech face marks, and other marks
   on cartridge casings.
• Gray - is preferred by other tool mark examiners
   who photograph the contrast between the
   light-coloured surface and shadows produced from
• White or Black - can be used to lift dusted latent
   fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces where
   regular lift tape will fail. Use white Mikrosil® with
   black powders;use black Mikrosil® with white,
   silver, or fluorescent powders.

CM-MIK-BR - Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit Brown
CM-MIK-G - Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit Gray
CM-MIK-W - Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit White
CM-MIK-B - Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit Black
CM-MIK-CAT - Additional Tube of Catalyst - 20 g. Works with all colours

To use Mikrosil®, simply mix the putty and catalyst on a mixing card with the supplied spatula and apply it to the surface being cast. Within six to eight minutes, the cast will be set. Mikrosil® even works in below freezing temperatures, creating a perfect cast within fifteen minutes!

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