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NuCAST Casting Material

  • SKU: NUC-180-1 / NUC-180XL-1

Want a quick-setting footprint casting kit that enables a fast, easy, and accurate footprint casting process?  NuCAST is making headlines in the forensics world, and now you can use this incredibly fast-setting casting material.


- Powder Weight (approx.): 1.1 lbs (NUC-180-1) and 2.2 lbs (NUC-180XL-1)    

- Compression Strength (approx.): 1 hour: 3770 PSI; 48 hours: 8557 PSI    

- Expansion (approx.): 2 hours: 0.02%; 48 hours: 0.06%


- Pre-measured components for an accurate effective mixture every time    

- Packaged in a disposable, recyclable container. A neat, clean process. No mess, No fuss.    

- The container offers a quick mixing solution with lump free results in 35 seconds    

- Easy, controlled pouring for accurate distribution across the whole print    

- Ready to lift casts in 3 to 4 minutes (setting times may be longer in significantly colder climates)    

- With a higher strength NuCAST180 casts are less likely to break than original materials and processes    


- Waiting 25 minutes plus for a cast to set    

- Measuring components and having inaccurate mixture    

- Relying on user experience and perfected technique    

- Lumpy mixtures and casts    

- Cutting bags and inaccurate inconsistent pouring    

- Waiting around in the cold and rain for casts to set    

- Mess and fuss    

- Wasted police force resources and money

The difference between the NuCast180 and the NuCast 180 XL is that the XL is a larger amount which can be used for tire treads and larger footwear impressions. The average investigator uses about 2 lbs of dental stone per cast. The smaller container, NuCAST 180, when converted from metric, is approximately 1.65 lbs. The NuCAST XL is approximately 3.53 lbs. (This is the given weight of the units as a whole: container, bottle of liquid, and bag of powder.)  NuCAST is a one-time use casting material. 

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