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O-Tolidine Blood Test Kit

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TTF's O-Tolidine Blood Test Kit is a highly useful presumptive test used to determine whether a suspected stain is blood or not. Often this test is used to confirm the results of a phenolphthalein blood test.

The O-Tolidine Blood Test is administered by first collecting both a positive control using the supplied Known Bloodstain Control and a negative control by testing an unstained sample. Next, a sample of the suspected stain should be collected using either a piece of filter paper or a cotton-tipped swab.  One drop of the O-Tolidine reagent, followed by one drop of Hydrogen Peroxide reagent is applied to the collected sample. The results are easy to read: a positive presumptive result causes the sample to turn a deep blue within seconds of applying the reagents.

TTF's O-Tolidine Blood Test Kit is packaged in a durable, lightweight plastic box for easy and safe transport from one crime scene to another. It includes all the premixed chemicals and supplies required to conduct the o-tolidine blood test. All of the reagents are supplied in plastic dropper bottles for easy use. The kit also includes a Known Bloodstain Control to ensure that the test results are accurate. All kit components are also available to reorder individually as needed.

•    Plastic Kit Box, 8"L x 4" W x 1.75" H
•    O-Tolidine Reagent – 1.5 oz Dropper Bottle
•    Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent – 1.5 oz Dropper Bottle
•    Distilled Water
•    Box of Filter Paper
•    Box of 3” Cotton-Tipped Swabs
•    Known Bloodstain Control
•    Kit Instructions Affixed to Inside of the Box

Part Number(s):

CHE-1204 - O-Tolidine Blood Test Kit  
CHE-1205 - O-Tolidine Reagent Refill - 1.5 oz dropper bottle  
CHE-1213 - O-Tolidine Reagent Refill - 125 mL. dropper bottle 
CHE-1210 - Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent - 1.5 oz. dropper bottle
CHE-1218 - Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent - 125 mL. bottle
CHE-1101 - Known Blood Control Card - 1/pkg 
CHE-1203 - Filter Paper for Stain Sampling - 100/pkg
CHE-1207 - Filter Paper Patches for Stain Collection - 100/pkg

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