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Introducing the NEW intoxiclock®!

Engage your audience in building drinking scenarios showing the real-time impact on a person's BAC. intoxiclock® Pro visually illustrates how a person's level of intoxication changes with increasing levels of alcohol consumption and the rate at which a body metabolizes alcohol given the person's weight, gender and drinking pattern.

Many people are surprised to see how changes in a drink's alcohol content, a person's weight and gender, and speed of consumption can make a dramatic difference in BAC levels between individuals.

Benefits of using intoxiclock® Pro

  • Debunk common myths about alcohol impairment and Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
  • Display easy to understand graphics to deliver factual information about BAC
  • Personalize your lesson about BAC by using your participants' gender, weight, rate of consumption, and drinking habits
  • Actively engage your audience in addressing impaired driving, underage drinking, alcohol poisoning, drinking games, binge  drinking, and more
  • Easy to use

Innocorp has made some dramatic improvements to intoxiclock®

New Features of intoxiclock® Pro:

  • Information displayed in English with French and other languages to follow
  • Use with PC and Mac
  • Works with a touchscreen monitor (not included)
  • Graphically displays the number of drinks and the number of servings of alcohol in those drinks as you build your  drinking scenarios
  • Drink selector incorporated in intoxiclock® Pro. You will see pictures of various drink types of beer, wine, spirits,  and mixed cocktails. Select a drink by name and intoxiclock® Pro will use the drink's standard amount of alcohol  (Standard Drink Units – SDU) in the BAC calculations.
  • The BAC graph shows a participant's calculated BAC and corresponding Fatal Vision® Goggle that will illustrate  their level of impairment
  • Emoji's illustrate the effects their BAC level has on a person's emotions and physical abilities

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